Hi, I’m Justine, the ‘Just’ in Just Positive Dog Training. Welcome to my website. I’m a qualified teacher (PGCE) and professional, IMDT accredited dog trainer.

My training methods are science based and unashamedly kind; pain free, intimidation free and force free. Being kind is not a weakness – it’s a superpower – especially when training dogs!

Why do I offer 1-2-1’s? I can focus solely on you and your dog, at your pace. You will both learn more when relaxed, happy, and having fun together.

The relationship I can show you how to talk to and listen to your dog, helping you achieve that special connection. I can teach you how to motivate your dog using games, toys, the environment, and yes, treats too.

Better lives I can introduce you to age and breed appropriate games and activities that stimulate your dog, both mentally and physically, so that they have enjoyably, rich lives.

Puppy socialisation Preparing your puppy for a busy, and noisy family life is essential. To fit in safely, dogs must be calm, tolerant and resilient. In the important early months, I can help you to build your puppy’s self confidence, and show you how to give your puppy the right experiences, in the right way, so that they can develop into a well balanced adult. I can support you through your pup’s adolescence too.

Who am I ? I am friendly, approachable, experienced and, as mentioned before, unashamedly kind. As you can see from my photographs, I have a passion for all things Spaniel and a particular love for Border Terriers! All the pictures in this website are photographs of my dogs, past and present, or client’s dogs (by permission). 

I am accredited by the Institute of Modern Dog Trainers (IMDT is an internationally recognised professional organisation) and assessed through the Open College Network (OCN – Level III ‘Principles of Dog Training and Behaviour’).

And finally… You and your dog really do want the same thing; You want a calm, reliable dog who fits comfortably into your life. Your dog wants a calm, reliable person who helps them fit in comfortably.

I can help you both.

I help people to understand and enjoy their dogs; building rewarding relationships

Positive for you

Positive for your dog