Tailored 1-2-1 coaching, with an accredited dog trainer to support you, in person or online

I focus on the most important part of dog training; your relationship with your dog. I offer support with training, helping you to understand each other and helping you to create that special bond, using kind, force free, training methods. I can show you how to motivate your dog by tapping into their natural behaviours and what they want most – Food, Fun, Friendship and the Freedom to be a dog.

Are you prepared for dog guardianship?

Having a dog is a big responsibility. A dog needs to be managed. Two dogs require more management. Are you and your home prepared? Are you right for the dog? Do you have the time, energy and commitment for acclimatisation, stimulation, enrichment and training?

A dog that listens

A dog that watches you listens to you. Learn how to get your dog’s attention, how to keep it, and more

A partnership that’s fun

Discover enriching activities that you and your dog can enjoy. Learn fun games to provide your dog with controlled outlets for their natural behaviours

A reliable recall

Every owner wants a dog they can trust and a recall they can rely on. Learn games to play with your dog, to condition a fast, reliable recall

A relaxing walk you can both enjoy

A pulling dog makes walking a chore. Get the fun back into your walks by understanding how to have a relaxed dog who falls into step by your side

A relaxed, confident puppy

Puppy Socialisation: What is it? And how do I do it right? Give your puppy the best possible start in life in a relaxed, 1-2-1 setting.

A calm, confident dog

Can you read your dog’s body language? Is your dog stressed, anxious, or insecure? How can you tell? Barking? Lungeing? Refusing to budge? Learn how to build your dog’s confidence and resilience