What Is Dog Insurance?

Dog insurance helps protect your dog from large, unexpected veterinary bills. Modern veterinary care can be very expensive. For example, a trip to the veterinary ER can could easily cost $1,000. Dog insurance pays a large portion of your veterinary bills so you never have to decide between digging deep into savings to treat your dog or putting him down.

Advances in the field of animal medicine have been exponential in past decades allowing veterinarians to successfully treat conditions that were previously considered untreatable. However with these advances comes an escalating cost of veterinary care. It is estimated that North American pet guardians now spend over $10 billion a year on healthcare for their pets.

Consider these facts:

One in three pets will need emergency veterinary treatment every year. Two out of every three pets experience a significant health problem during their lifetime.

When is the Best Time to Buy Insurance for my Dog?

The best time to buy your dog insurance is when your dog is a young and healthy puppy, before any conditions might develop. It’s important to have the insurance before you actually need it because pet insurance is the one thing you can’t get when you need it the most.


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