Pet Microchips

What happens when your dog is lost and you can’t find him? How do you ensure that if he does get lost and has a medical problem that needs daily medication or special diet. The newest form of pet identification especially in dogs is called a Microchip. The Microchip process was first developed for farmers to keep track of their livestock. These chips were in the form of tags on their ears. Over the last few years, these chips have been shrunk considerably to be able to fit into smaller animals like cats and dogs by a very simple and painless procedure performed by all vets. This procedure is very similar to your pet receiving their annual vaccinations and takes only seconds to complete. 

Pet Microchips were designed to be inserted just under the skin usually between the shoulder blades. The chips are the size of a grain made out of silicon and are sealed in a hermetical glass container. Each chip has its own unique identifier that is registered by you with your pet’s name, type of food, medical history, vets name and of course your name, address and telephone number and this information is stored in the microchip companies data base.

Pet Microchipping will provide your pet with permanent identification whereas tags on collars can be removed and lost, tattoos are very hard to read and see especially on long haired dogs. The Microchip can be accessed by all vets, humane societies and local shelters by way of a special hand held electronic reader that even the extremely stressed out dog can still be read quickly and without any added strain to the dog. Once this information has been recorded, the pet facility can simply call with the number and then matched to the dogs file to obtain the information required to return your pet to you his loving owners.